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Another Awesome Lady of Sewing!

Meet another awesome lady of sewing: Yvonne D.!

Yvonne started her sewing lessons about a year and a half ago. Her first project was a skirt.

Next she made a full set of pajamas.

Then her project was a wonderful customized camouflage totebag for her son…

Yvonne also learned to hem her own slacks and has become very comfortable with both machine and hand sewing. She sews in her spare time when she is not working full-time or taking care of her son and husband. She has made incredible progress in her sewing in a short period of time. Yvonne is definitely an awesome lady of sewing!

More Awesome Ladies of Adult Sewing!

Amanda D. is another one of our “Awesome Ladies of Adult Sewing”! By day, Amanda works the corporate gig, but in every spare moment on evenings & weekends, Amanda is sewing & crafting! Amanda started sewing with us in the fall of 2010 & she has now made a beautiful skirt with a side zipper. She did an awesome job! Amanda is an enthusiastic & friendly student & I look forward to having her join us again for more sewing classes!

Oh & by the way, Amanda also has her own crafty blog. Visit Amanda & read about her crafty adventures at:

Amanda D. wearing zippered skirt she sewed herself!

Lovely Amanda D. wearing the skirt she sewed herself!

Awesome Ladies of Adult Sewing!

I’d like to introduce you to some of the many awesome ladies who have taken sewing classes here at the studio and have become friends in the process. The first lady I’ll tell you about is Lisa M.

Lisa M. Sewing Student

Lisa M. is one of our "Awesome Ladies"

Lisa has been sewing with us at the sewing studio for close to a year and a half now. After many years in a corporate job, Lisa is now a stay at home mom.

Lisa started her sewing instruction with one of our basic adult projects, a chef’s apron. Since those first tentative stitches, Lisa has become a bold and adventurous stitcher! She has now made multiple sewing projects including: a fitted skirt with a yoke, a shimmery summer dress, adorable “peanut butter and jelly” patterned lounge pants for one of her daughters, a lovely and practical lined tote bag , a handsome dining room tablecloth with matching cotton napkins, and is now working on a flannel nightshirt! Did I miss anything Lisa?

Lisa is a busy mom and wife, but she also finds time to work as a volunteer coordinator with the Fresh Air Fund. Lisa gives an inner city child a week’s vacation in the country as well as helping coordinate other families with their hosting of inner city kids. Lisa is definitely an awesome lady from our adult sewing class!

Sewing Fun w/Homeschoolers!

What happens when you put 11 energetic & independent-minded teens, 2 sewing instructors & 1 homeschooling parent together? Well that’s what we wanted to know… so we tried it! What we got was a lot of good-natured jokes (from the kids!), a lot of sewing (machine sewing & hand sewing), a lot of learning & a huge amount of creativity!

North Star Home school teens show off projects from sewing lessons: backpacks!

This past session saw North Star Homeschoolers joining with Create! Sewing Studio to do a private beginners sewing class. They learned a lot and had a blast doing it! 6 boys & 5 girls came for 6 weeks of weekly 2 hr. classes. They made backpacks, pillowcases, custom sized ipod cases & multiple “felt sandwich” bookmarks. The studio hummed with activity! Great job kids!

“Win-Win” with the Girl Scouts

We have a BIG group of Girl Scouts earning their “Sew Simple” badges at the Sewing Studio right now! It’s a lot of ¬†learning and ¬†a lot of fun for the girls and a great way for us to give back to the community.

This is our biggest group so far…approximately 30-40 plus girls are earning their badges with us this Session. They are learning with us Troop by Troop, so we have a range of 5-12 girls at a time depending on the size of the troop and which girls can make it to the scheduled class dates.

The girls have to satisfy a whole bunch of requirements, so we’ve designed a varied program combining sewing machine work and hand sewing plus a look at fabrics, patterns, working on a fun service project and a whole lot more! In a few hours with us, they get the hands-on training they need to earn their badge.

Learning by having fun… It’s a “Win-Win” all around. Posting pics soon!

Finally…here are the promised pictures for our latest group of girls.

sewing badge: girl scouts

Girl Scout Troop: group #3 finishing their projects.

sewing badge: girl scouts

Darlene points out a fancy sewing machine stitch.

sewing badge: girl scouts

The girls had a lot of fun in their sewing lessons.