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Creative Inspiration

Young sewing students gather around the dressmaker form to get their picture taken!

I was thinking today about why I do what I do. My dear friend, Lorrie visited today from California with her daughter, Katie and I gave them a tour of our sewing classroom. As I showed them some of the projects our sewing students are working on we talked about creativity (Her daughter also has a creative background.) and sewing and what is important to us.

The thing that started me in this business of teaching people to sew is my passion for creating. It’s why I named our sewing school Create! and it’s what gets me excited every day.

Watching our sewing students literally leap into the classroom (the kids) to get to their sewing classes and seeing the intense joy as they learn to sew wonderful clothing and bags and stuffed animal and (for the adults) incredible valances and home decorating projects as well is a daily inspiration.

As we expand our classes and offer more and more of what our students want, it’s good to remember why we do what we do. It’s the love of creative expression and it’s a blast!