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Ask Becca… Sew Simple! “repurposing”

Ask Becca… Sew Simple!


Q: What are the basics of “repurposing”!

A: First you need to know where to find clothing for repurposing. Your own closet plus thrift shops & ebay are all good places to find vintage fashion!

Let’s start with your own closet. Do you have clothing that feels out of fashion or dowdy? Could it use a make-over? Think about how you could re-work what you already have. 

Next…thrift shops! Shop regularly as the selection is always changing. Found something you like that fits your budget? Buy it now, it may not be there later! Try things on. Wear clothing you can slip an item over to see if it fits. Look for quality fabrics. 100% wool sweaters can be a find, but watch out for furs or leather. Furs can be dried out & brittle or need expensive cleaning. It may sound funny, but smell your items. Don’t bring mold & mildew home!

Ebay is another great place to look for vintage fashions. You can find amazing items, but check sizing carefully. Actual measurements are helpful! Also, the price may be great, but remember to add shipping charges to your final cost!

Repurposing is a lot of fun, good for the environment & can expand your wardrobe in a totally unique way!



New + “Repurposed” = Great Style!
This sewing student’s outfit is both a new item plus a repurposed item. Her fabulous “made by me”
sweatshirt is all new marbled purple fleece, but her gorgeous jeans are repurposed! 

For the repurposing project, she took an old pair of jeans & used decorative thread &
stitches to stitch the stripes around the legs. She made this combination
of top & pants 
into a super cool & updated look!