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We have been busy planning for the Summer!

We are now scheduling Virtual Summer Sewing Lessons! For more information, please go to Class Descriptions: https://createsew.com/sew/class-descriptions/. –Becca


Click on the link to see Acton TV video!  Interview with Rebecca Szetela, Create! Sewing Studio 

Owner-Instructor Rebecca earned a BA in Art from Tufts University/Boston Museum School & an MBA from Simmons School of Management. Before opening the sewing studio, Rebecca ran a successful graphic design business for over 20 years and was also a resident artist at Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord, MA. Rebecca Szetela has been teaching sewing in Acton for over 12 years. “Our mission is to encourage creativity in children, teens & adults through the medium of sewing.” –Rebecca


Sewing Instructor Ruth has been sewing for many years. She is a talented quilting and garment sewing instructor. Ruth’s former work was as a special needs teacher in the public system and she has carried that sensitivity to children into her teaching at Create! Sewing Studio.



Sewing Instructor  Susanne has been sewing quilts for over 25 years and garments for over 50 years! She is a great sewing teacher with a keen eye for detail. Susanne’s quilts and garments are gorgeous and meticulously made and she is also a whiz with embroidery machines. Susanne has taught at Create!® Sewing Studio for many years.




Sewing Instructor Jen teaches sewing and is our “craft innovator” at Create!® . “My mother taught me to sew. Since then, my love of sewing and all things creative has grown immensely. Thinking outside the box, working in unconventional ways with limitless types of fabric allow for endless possibilities, which I find very exciting! Learning to sew develops self-confidence, which I’ve seen in every student I’ve worked with at the sewing studio. What a rewarding place to be for students and teachers alike!


Sewing Instructor Christina, a graduate of Bard College, got hooked on sewing when she started working in the college costume department! After graduating, Christina designed costumes and sewed for productions first in Chicago, Illinois, then in Indiana  and later in St Louis, MO. Now back in New England, Christina’s creativity combined with a meticulous eye for detail and a pleasant and friendly temperament has made her a popular choice with sewing students of all ages!


Sewing Instructor Jennifer is a former writer for high tech who started sewing as a hobby and has been sewing now for many years. Jennifer loves imparting her sewing knowledge to our students. Jennifer is a talented and kind sewing instructor and enjoys teaching all ages from kids to adults. Jennifer has proved herself to be quite innovative in finding new ways to teach all ages to sew!



Sewing Instructor Alaina has taught with us at Create! Sewing Studio for several years. She is a graduate of the Framingham State University Fashion Program and is a talented designer, seamstress and sewing instructor. Currently Alaina works in the costume department at Disney in Orlando, FL, but is working with us remotely on instructional videos.