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Remember Last Summer?

We were looking at pictures from last summer’s sewing sessions the other day in preparation for our open house and found bunches of great pictures! Here are just a few that reminded us of all the wonderful projects the kids made last year. We had so much fun last summer teaching kids and teens to sew and we’re excited and looking forward to another summer of learning and fun!

Quilted Totebag:If You Can Sew… You Can Quilt!

We have gotten a bunch of inquiries about the beautiful totebag we are displaying on the wall of our studio…and here’s the scoop! Susanne, our wonderful sewing and quilting instructor, is going to teach a one-day class on how to make a quilted totebag.

If you have never quilted before, this is an opportunity to try your hand and walk away with a beautiful toteg. Check out these pictures and you’ll see what I mean!

Quilted Totebag

Another view

If you are interested in signing up for this class, we’re offering it here in Acton, but sign-up is through the Roudenbush Center, Westford. The class will be held on May 7 (Sat) 9:30 am-4:30 pm. Check it out!   http://www.roudenbush.org/new/search.php?Search=sew

Sewing Studio Open House Success!

We had such a great time at our Open House on April 9!

Friends old and new stopped by for cake and refreshments and to sign up for classes. Many of our attendees also enjoyed watching me demonstrate how to make a new and very popular sewing projects: “Felt flower brooches”.

I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy!

Open house cake


Mom’s Night Out for a Good Cause

Saturday evening was very busy this week in the sewing studio! 10 days ago, I got a phone call from local mom and art teacher Aimeé asking if I would be willing to host an evening of “craftivism” in our sewing studio in order to raise money to help out the Japanese people.

sewing quilt squares one by one

Sewing quilt squares one by one

The idea was to gather a group of people interested in donating their time to make quilt squares as a way to raise money for the Red Cross. After working out the details, we made it happen last night! We welcomed several local moms to Create! Sewing Studio to donate their time and their fabric for a good cause.

sewing quilt squares sew fabric

Busy sewing individual quilt squares

After a brief tutorial from organizer Aimeé, we got started. Brightly colored fabric was pressed by one mom at the ironing board, others started cutting fabric into different width strips,  sewing machines were threaded up and we all got busy!

Measuring a quilt square

With classic rock music playing in the background and friendly chatter, the 3 hours passed quickly. We made a number of the quilt squares which are destined to travel to other volunteers to be pieced together into quilts which will then be auctioned off. The proceeds from the auctioned quilts will be donated directly to the Red Cross in Japan.

Checking out a finished quilt square

When a catastrophe of the magnitude of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami hits, people often want to help  but many times we don’t know how to help beyond donating money. Being able to contribute using our own skills and supplies gave me a feeling of making a difference.

One of the brightly colored squares

One of the brightly colored squares close-up

Thanks to Aimeé taking the initiative to contact me about donating our sewing studio space to help in this effort, we were able to make at least a small contribution to helping out and we had fun at the same time!

quilting for a cause

Quilting for a good cause!

More *Sew Simple* Badges for Girl Scouts!

Saturday dawned bright and chilly, but it was cozy and cheerful in our sewing studio!

sew, lessons, sewing classes

Here we are working with a local troop of Girl Scouts, helping them earn their *Sew Simple* Badges!

sew, lessons, sewing classes

A happy Girl Scout

The girls learned quickly and had lots of fun practicing machine sewing and hand sewing skills. Our program for the girls is varied and comprehensive. They learn some machine sewing basics and several hand stitching techniques. They get an overview of  fabrics, an introduction to how to read  a pattern sleeve, how measurements work and they get time on the sewing machine to try their skills with their sewing project.

sew, lessons, sewing classes

Hard at work ...having fun!

We donate time and expertise plus the use of our beautiful space and wonderful sewing machines. It’s a great way for us to give back to this great and supportive community! Plus some girls sign up for our sewing classes. WIN:WIN all around!

Darlene…Sewing Diva

Darlene has been helping us here at the sewing studio since last summer and the depth of her knowledge about everything sewing never ceases to amaze. Darlene started her sewing career when she took her first sewing class at the Girls Club at age 10. It was love at first sight and and she has not stopped sewing since! With a degree in Textiles and an extensive background both in garment construction (industrial and home sewing) and window treatment design and production, Darlene is a real asset. Darlene teaches everything from basic sewing techniques to advanced production techniques. Fitting and alterations are another of her strengths.

If it’s about sewing, Darlene wants in! She often has a tip or piece of information that will get sewing students to a higher level. She is innovative and a problem-solver and she has endeared herself to our students with her unique vision, crackerjack sewing skills and delightful personality. Darlene is a wonderful addition to our group of sewing teachers!

Welcome Susanne!

Susanne is the latest addition to our group of sewing instructors and she is a real asset. Susanne has been sewing for close to 50 years. She has 25 years of quilting experience alone! Plus she has a friendly personality, infinite patience and enjoys teaching all ages. We are so lucky to have her join the studio. Susanne will be teaching our one day Custom Quilted Totebag class in May. Can’t wait!

More Awesome Ladies of Sewing…Sasha!

When I first met Sasha, she was definitely not a beginner sewing student. Sasha came to her sewing lessons with a bunch of sewing experience already behind her.

Sasha wanted to push her expertise to the next level and she certainly did that! She spent her time in the sewing studio trying out advanced techniques.  Some of the challenges she took on included sewing a piped collar and making vertical pleats in a pink corduroy dress for her adorable little daughter.

Pink corduroy dress sewn by Sasha.

Sasha also wanted to learn how to “extricate” a single pattern from a multi-pattern/multi-size insert in a pattern magazine. She mastered that and her project came out great!

Flower coat sewn by Sasha.

Sasha’s most ambitious project was an “heirloom” pattern she chose to make another dress for her daughter. Not only was it an advanced level pattern with multiple horizontal pleats, hand-made ribbon embroidery, puffed set in sleeves, buttons and buttonholes, but she chose silk taffeta as her fabric. Definitely not the easiest fabric to work with! During the early days of the garment’s construction she carried it back and forth from lessons rolled on a tube to keep the fabric from creasing and she discovered early on that needle holes made in the wrong place meant a re-do!

Nice job…or rather…Awesome job Sasha!

Heirloom silk taffeta dress with ribbon embroidery sewn by Sasha.

Another Awesome Lady of Sewing!

Meet another awesome lady of sewing: Yvonne D.!

Yvonne started her sewing lessons about a year and a half ago. Her first project was a skirt.

Next she made a full set of pajamas.

Then her project was a wonderful customized camouflage totebag for her son…

Yvonne also learned to hem her own slacks and has become very comfortable with both machine and hand sewing. She sews in her spare time when she is not working full-time or taking care of her son and husband. She has made incredible progress in her sewing in a short period of time. Yvonne is definitely an awesome lady of sewing!

More Awesome Ladies of Adult Sewing!

Amanda D. is another one of our “Awesome Ladies of Adult Sewing”! By day, Amanda works the corporate gig, but in every spare moment on evenings & weekends, Amanda is sewing & crafting! Amanda started sewing with us in the fall of 2010 & she has now made a beautiful skirt with a side zipper. She did an awesome job! Amanda is an enthusiastic & friendly student & I look forward to having her join us again for more sewing classes!

Oh & by the way, Amanda also has her own crafty blog. Visit Amanda & read about her crafty adventures at: http://www.primandpropah.com/

Amanda D. wearing zippered skirt she sewed herself!

Lovely Amanda D. wearing the skirt she sewed herself!