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Masks by Becca™

Masks by Becca™ are made from 2 layers of high-quality quilting fabric with elastic ear loops. We use “fashion fabric” for the outer layer and a lining layer made from super soft Kona or Bella solid color fabrics. In addition all masks are fitted with a length of color-coordinated satin cording to take pressure off of the ears. Mask washing and care instructions included. Masks ordered with simply a gender preference for material can be picked-up or shipped immediately. Special order masks, with add-ons or fabric preference, take 7 business days to fill.


Masks by Becca™ “The Evening Collection” are made from 2 layers of fabric. The outer layer is a silk-like shimmery polyester and the lining layer is made from super soft Kona or Bella solid color fabric. We can even add a filter to this mask for maximum protection.


Add-ons: Currently we offer masks with the option for filtration. We believe the most effective way to add filters to a mask is to sew in a washable filter. The mask washes well, you don’t need to take out a filter after each trip out of the house and it is an easy solution once it is sewn in. If you prefer a pocket for your own disposable filter, we are happy to make masks with a place to put a removable filter.

Suggestions for Use of Your New Mask

Please wash your mask before wearing for the first time. Wash using laundry detergent and dry in dryer on normal setting. Be sure to wear your mask with the “fashion fabric” side facing out.

The color-coordinated satin cording included with your mask is useful in taking pressure off your ears. Simply knot it in the elastic ear loops and tighten around back of head until comfortable. It really works!

Wash and dry your mask on regular washer setting after each use. We use lingerie bags to protect the masks in a general wash load. The satin cording can go through the wash as well. Please do not iron the elastics after washing.



• CUSTOM MASKS: If you want to select a specific pattern, please click the pattern options button below in order to retrieve the number for the patterns you like. On the information page (page-after-next), you will prompted for this information.

• CUSTOM MASKS: The XL Face Mask is for people with a head circumference of 23″ to 24″ plus who don’t find a regular mask comfortable.


• CUSTOM MASKS FOR KIDS: We use our age range as a guide, but measurements help us to make a better fit. Please measure your child’s head. We need 3 measurements. 1) Head Circumference: Measure from one ear completely around the head back to the same ear, in the area where eyeglasses would rest on the ear. 2) Measure from ear to ear across the bridge of the nose. 3) Measure from bridge of the nose to point of chin. Please also tell us if the child is a boy or a girl and their exact age. This information should be written in the section on the order form called “Further Instructions” Thanks!


• EXPRESS: If you want your new mask(s) more quickly (usually within 24 hrs.) just specify male or female and Becca will choose for you from our inventory of beautiful masks and you don’t have to wait!

• LOCAL PICKUP: If you do not select delivery on the purchase (next) page, it is assumed you are picking up your items in Acton, MA.