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“Win-Win” with the Girl Scouts

We have a BIG group of Girl Scouts earning their “Sew Simple” badges at the Sewing Studio right now! It’s a lot of ¬†learning and ¬†a lot of fun for the girls and a great way for us to give back to the community.

This is our biggest group so far…approximately 30-40 plus girls are earning their badges with us this Session. They are learning with us Troop by Troop, so we have a range of 5-12 girls at a time depending on the size of the troop and which girls can make it to the scheduled class dates.

The girls have to satisfy a whole bunch of requirements, so we’ve designed a varied program combining sewing machine work and hand sewing plus a look at fabrics, patterns, working on a fun service project and a whole lot more! In a few hours with us, they get the hands-on training they need to earn their badge.

Learning by having fun… It’s a “Win-Win” all around. Posting pics soon!

Finally…here are the promised pictures for our latest group of girls.

sewing badge: girl scouts

Girl Scout Troop: group #3 finishing their projects.

sewing badge: girl scouts

Darlene points out a fancy sewing machine stitch.

sewing badge: girl scouts

The girls had a lot of fun in their sewing lessons.