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I am so inspired this week!

Sunday We produced our first ever Create!® Sewing Studio Fashion Show at St. Matthews UMC here in Acton.

Tuesday Business coach Deb Laflamme taught a group of local business owners (including yours truly) all about the new stuff coming down the pike on Facebook.

Thursday I actually wrote, designed and sent out an email  newsletter for the first time in a year!

All week long! Our sewing students get more and more creative with their sewing projects; having fun while they learn. As my husband would say “It’s all good!”

So… enjoy the Spring weather, but don’t forget to also get Create!-ive! We are glad our students love learning here, because we love what we do!

Fashion Show Models waiting for their cue.Photo Credit: Crystal Gonsalves
Fashion Show Models waiting for their cue.
Photo Credit: Crystal Gonsalves