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Saturday evening was very busy this week in the sewing studio! 10 days ago, I got a phone call from local mom and art teacher Aimeé asking if I would be willing to host an evening of “craftivism” in our sewing studio in order to raise money to help out the Japanese people.

sewing quilt squares one by one

Sewing quilt squares one by one

The idea was to gather a group of people interested in donating their time to make quilt squares as a way to raise money for the Red Cross. After working out the details, we made it happen last night! We welcomed several local moms to Create! Sewing Studio to donate their time and their fabric for a good cause.

sewing quilt squares sew fabric

Busy sewing individual quilt squares

After a brief tutorial from organizer Aimeé, we got started. Brightly colored fabric was pressed by one mom at the ironing board, others started cutting fabric into different width strips,  sewing machines were threaded up and we all got busy!

Measuring a quilt square

With classic rock music playing in the background and friendly chatter, the 3 hours passed quickly. We made a number of the quilt squares which are destined to travel to other volunteers to be pieced together into quilts which will then be auctioned off. The proceeds from the auctioned quilts will be donated directly to the Red Cross in Japan.

Checking out a finished quilt square

When a catastrophe of the magnitude of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami hits, people often want to help  but many times we don’t know how to help beyond donating money. Being able to contribute using our own skills and supplies gave me a feeling of making a difference.

One of the brightly colored squares

One of the brightly colored squares close-up

Thanks to Aimeé taking the initiative to contact me about donating our sewing studio space to help in this effort, we were able to make at least a small contribution to helping out and we had fun at the same time!

quilting for a cause

Quilting for a good cause!

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