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Saturday dawned bright and chilly, but it was cozy and cheerful in our sewing studio!

sew, lessons, sewing classes

Here we are working with a local troop of Girl Scouts, helping them earn their *Sew Simple* Badges!

sew, lessons, sewing classes

A happy Girl Scout

The girls learned quickly and had lots of fun practicing machine sewing and hand sewing skills. Our program for the girls is varied and comprehensive. They learn some machine sewing basics and several hand stitching techniques. They get an overview of  fabrics, an introduction to how to read  a pattern sleeve, how measurements work and they get time on the sewing machine to try their skills with their sewing project.

sew, lessons, sewing classes

Hard at work ...having fun!

We donate time and expertise plus the use of our beautiful space and wonderful sewing machines. It’s a great way for us to give back to this great and supportive community! Plus some girls sign up for our sewing classes. WIN:WIN all around!

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