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We started making masks in mid-March of 2020 and by Thanksgiving 2020, we had delivered our last mask order. During that time period, we made beautiful masks in many different quilting fabrics (and in some polyesters as well) and it was quite a ride while it lasted! When the government mandated that everyone needed to wear a mask… there were none to be found in stores! We leapt in to the void and developed masks for children, teens and adults as well as masks for folks with large heads and masks with filters or filter pockets for extra safety. Developing our different designs and sewing our various modified mask designs kept my sewing teachers and me busy for over 8 months during the pandemic.

It kept the Create! Sewing Studio business going when there was no other income, which helped to pay the bills and was great for our mental health, but ultimately it could not last. It took a while for the big corporations to gear up their mask-making machines but they finally did and we were force to shut our operation down for lack of orders.

It was sad to see it end, but we had started teaching our sewing lessons remotely via zoom by then, and we transitioned back into teaching and put away our mask making supplies. Our masks travelled from our home base in Acton, MA to as far away as Washington, DC, Colorado and South Florida, but most were picked up by our local customers from the front porch. Thank you to all of you who ordered masks from us!