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Sewing Fun w/Homeschoolers!

What happens when you put 11 energetic & independent-minded teens, 2 sewing instructors & 1 homeschooling parent together? Well that’s what we wanted to know… so we tried it! What we got was a lot of good-natured jokes (from the kids!), a lot of sewing (machine sewing & hand sewing), a lot of learning & a huge amount of creativity!

North Star Home school teens show off projects from sewing lessons: backpacks!

This past session saw North Star Homeschoolers joining with Create! Sewing Studio to do a private beginners sewing class. They learned a lot and had a blast doing it! 6 boys & 5 girls came for 6 weeks of weekly 2 hr. classes. They made backpacks, pillowcases, custom sized ipod cases & multiple “felt sandwich” bookmarks. The studio hummed with activity! Great job kids!