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Sewing Machine Recommendations

Student Question: What should I look for in a sewing machine? My best advice is go to a dealer & check out what they have available. Email me for recommendations! You want access to a range of machines so you can compare features. Go in & try them out! The other plus to buying from a dealer is that you get post purchase support &  a warranty on parts and service if something goes wrong in the first 1-2 years.


Student Question: What about machines from big-box stores like WalMart or Amazon or fabric stores like Joanne’s? Go to a sewing machine dealer instead! You can actually try the machines out to see what you like and you get knowledgeable advice. Also if something goes wrong, you have support.

One of our adult students bought a sewing machine in a big box store & when it was less than 6 mo. old the spool pin broke right off. After 6 months, that store would not be happy to take it  back! Good dealers treat you well. They want to have a good relationship with you. It gives them the opportunity to sell you other machines in the future & their hope is that perhaps you will recommend them to your friends as well. At a dealer you can try out different sewing machines. You want as sturdy a machine as you can get for your money, a warranty for at least 1 year (preferably 2 years) & a variety of stitches including a buttonholer. Getting several specialty feet is nice too. Good luck on your search!


Student Question: Why do you use the Viking/Husqvarna Emerald 118? Viking/Husqvarna is a well-known name in sewing machines and the Viking Emerald 118 has everything I want in a machine for teaching! They have kept the quality high, it’s a great machine for a beginner & it’s at a good price point. It’s well-designed & has a numbering system for threading that is very helpful. It is also a free-arm or flatbed machine, the top drop-in bobbin is easy to use & it has a speed control lever that is helpful for beginning sewing students.