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Rebecca, you are a great teacher. This is obviously your passion. — C.F.




Thank you for a great birthday party! The girls had a lot of fun.” — M. D.


Thank you for taking me on as one of your students. How delighted I am to finally be learning to sew…your patience & thoughtfulness, along with your knowledge & skill, make for a solid experience. — P. P.


Thank you for getting me started! I’m loving my machine now… — J. F.


Thank you so much for teaching my daughter to sew! I know I wouldn’t have the patience. She has really enjoyed her lessons & I love that she has a life-long skill. — A. G.


I had so much fun today, and you’re a great teacher! —  L. C.


[My daughter] had such a great time and made so many wonderful items. Thank you so much!  —  M. B.


It was such a wonderful experience learning to sew at your studio this week. [We] had a fabulous time. Thank you! P.S. I saw the photos of us that you posted on Facebook –  they are so cute! – Lisa S.


[My daughter] is so proud of herself & brought all her projects on vacation so she could show what she made. She keeps asking people if they need buttons sewn on so she can do it for them. —  Robyn S.